Fairview Spiritual Initiatives

Spiritual Initiatives 2015

Experience Worship
We come to know God's Word more fully when it is both proclaimed and enacted in worship. Embracing the creativity of the Spiritual Gifts given to each of us, and eagerly seeking to engage everyone in meaningful encounters with the Living God, we worship. Worship encourages us to offer ourselves to God, helps us shape our faith and faithfulness as the people of God, and become a pattern for how we live as Christians in the world.

Share Life
To share the life offered by the Risen Christ, we are challenged to do good works, to increase our knowledge of God, to discover what He wants us to do, to increase our patience and self-control, to enjoy and care for other people, and to love God and others more than ourselves. Constructing a building is done one brick at a time, or as in the case of this building, one board or even one nail at a time. Similarly we will build our relationship with God through Jesus Christ by engaging in Bible study, group ministries, making new friends, and by contributing and developing our collective and individual talents through creative and engaging projects. Each lesson, project, and fellowship activity, is another brick towards a deeper, more enriching Christian life. Through spiritual growth and fellowship, we will strive to make disciples of all people.

Members and friends of Fairview Presbyterian Church come from many different walks of life, different parts of the country and subscribe to different political points of view. Through the as a church these individuals transcend their differences to connect with each other and the surrounding community in worship, in Biblical study and in mission work that includes helping the homeless and hungry who are a valued part of our community. Fairview also connects with the community through its partnership with Suwanee Academy of the Arts, which provides music lessons to youth in an era of cut backs in musical education, through blood drives, and through its hosting of Boy Scout Troop 247. Come to Fairview and connect with others in worship, in study, and in work to build a better community.