The Apostle Paul wrote fourteen letters that have been received by the church as Holy Scripture. Four of these letters were correspondence to individuals; two to Timothy, one to Titus, and one to Philemon. The other ten were written to churches or, in the case of the letters to the Galatians and the Hebrews, a larger nonspecific group - Christians. This summer we will study each of the letters in turn to see what issues Christians were facing in Paul's day that could be applicable to modern faith.

November 4 Gratitude Sunday
Title:"No Greater Than These"
Scripture: Psalm 146 & Mark 12:28-34
Thought for Reflecion: When an unnamed scribe confronted Jesus to test him on his knowledge of the Torah Jesus showed his scholarly aptitude by correctly pronouncing that the "Shema" as it was known from Deuteronomy 6:49 comprises the heart of Judaic teaching but he adds a second, a command to love ones neighbor, which comprises the heart of Christian teaching.

November 11 Consecration Sunday
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 & John 15: 1-17
Thought for Reflection: Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in what was, then, known as "The Great War." Unfortunately, humans have a bent to warring and after the world was involved in a second great conflagration the war became known as the First World War. It is the prayer of the faithful everywhere that such wars will never happen again and that peace will become a reality in our time.

November 18 Victory Sunday
Title:"Farthing Faith"
Scripture: Psalm 127 & Mark 12:38-44
Thought for Reflection: As we conclude the 2019 Stewardship Campaign it is helpful to look at this story in Mark where Jesus watched people make contributions to the temple's treasury. It wasn't the large amounts made by the wealthy that drew his admiration but it was the small amount made out of faithfulness.

November 25 Christ the King Sunday
Title:"I am the Alpha and the Omega"
Scripture: 2 Samuel 23:1-7, Psalm 132:1-12, John 18:33-37, Revelation 1:4b-8
Thought for Reflection: This last Sunday of the liturgical year is a reminder that God is the center of our world and our lives. The world may devolve into chaos but the faithful remember that Jesus Christ is our rock and our salvation; he is the king to whom every knee, in heaven and on earth, shall bow.