From Our Pastor Yours in Christ

From Our Pastor

Rob Sparks IV

Dear Fairview,

One year ago, in the November 2017 Fairviews and News I introduced our congregation to the Presbyterian Church Mission Agency's audacious proposal to start 1001 new worshipping communities within the P.C. (U.S.A.) in the next decade (2012-2022). Last year I reported the 2017 numbers; that 348 new communities had begun. The latest figures are from spring of 2018 and the P.C. (U.S.A.) now has 447 new worshiping communities that have been started across the nation - that's an increase of 99 worshipping communities or 28.45$! While that number is impressive, and I do encourage you to pray for all of these fellowships that are bringing new people to experience worship and community as Presbyterians, I want to pay particular focus on just 1 of the 99 - the 1 that worships at Fairview, On The Way.

It has been one year since Revs. Rafael and Ivette Viana started meeting in Fairview's Fellowship Hall on Sunday evenings. Rafael addressed Fairview's Session (at the October Stated Meeting) to share the milestones their congregation has had. Just to name a few: they've enjoyed weekly worship; had special events like a yard sale to raise money for music lessons; a Valentine dinner for couples; they've started those music lessons for Youth, English lessons for new immigrants; Spanish lessons for their children; had outside speakers to address topics like suicide prevention; had a drama group present to the community; had a mission series focused on various international communities and raised funds to support missionaries. They've even rolled up sleeves and participated in Fairview workdays. It truly is amazing to see what God is doing with and through On The Way.

As I mentioned, this month marks one year of On The Way's ministry, they "launched" on the second Sunday of November. In 2018 the second Sunday falls on the 11th and it is on that day On The Way will be commemorating their "birthday." Of course, Fairview is invited to celebrate along with them. I hope you can be present or, if not, can at least offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for all that God is doing at Fairview and through On The Way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ into our community and to the world.

Yours in Christ,